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Information for New Students



When do I start? 

You may start classes at any time.  Our tuition is collected at the beginning of every month however should you start in the middle of any month you may start at a prorated rate.  

Which class should I be in? 

That is entirely up to your experience and style.  If you have had some Flamenco study in the past, you should try an easier class.  If it is not challenging enough for you, you can go to the next level.  Because each teacher has his/her unique style, we recommend that you come to the studio to watch each class and meet each teacher to find your suitable class.  

Is there a registration fee? 

No, we do however need your contact information.  There is a form that needs to be filled out and signed before attending class.  Please come a few minutes before to complete and sign paperwork.  

What clothes or shoes do I need? 

There are flamenco skirts that are sold should you wish to spend the money however for beginner students a peasant skirt will suffice.  There are few skirts in the dressing room that are available for class use but please return after class.  Flamenco shoes are quite expensive.  As a beginner you have the option to purchase flamenco shoes at the studio or through the internet.  There are some students that sell used flamenco shoes at the studio as well.  If you are a beginner, the CHARACTER SHOE from Capezio is a good dance shoe to start your classes with.  You can buy Character Shoes at Capezio stores in San Diego or other dance stores such as Danceworld and Carmen’s Dance Shoes both on El Cajon Blvd in San Diego.  

How do I pay? 

Please pay with Check or Cash.  We do not have the ability to charge your credit card or debit card.  Checks are made payable to: JUANITA FRANCO.  

How much are classes? 

If you take ONE class a week (4 times a month) the tuition is $80/month.  If you take TWO classes a week (8 times a month) the tuition is $110/month.  Please see Class Schedule for information.  If you just want to drop in the drop in fee is $25.  

What if I miss one of my classes during the month? 

You can make up classes within that month with any teacher.  You cannot carry forward any missed classes into the next month.  Therefore, if you know you will be missing a class you can make it up before or after so long as it’s within that month.

Flamenco is a beautiful dance art and as such it takes commitment both physically and mentally. You will at times get frustrated.  If you’ve always wanted to learn but never did- well, this is your first step.  It takes time to find that satisfaction in your dance steps.  Some take less time while others more but if you stick with it, you will find the joy of flamenco dance.   

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